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Monday, April 29, 2013

This hasn't been steamed yet but this is my fern lace poncho with sleeves 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bernat pipsqueak yarn white panel done on the standard and embroidery machine for the stats

Thursday, December 08, 2011

FYI with 2 weeks left for all my Christmas projects and shopping I doubt I will have time to figure out and write patterns for different sizes.
Merry Christmas

Happy Newyear!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

kids size knitted boot slipper


My new pattern kids size knitted boot slipper

Knitted on the bulky
Tension 5
Size extra small child

Cast on 18 stitches with waste yarn and ravel cord .
with main yarn start the heel Short row down to 8 stitches and out again
Knit 20 rows
Start the toe short row down to 8 stitches and out again
 knit 20 rows
Now you will be adding the cuff I crochet cast on 9 stitches on each side
Now you have 36 stitches
Knit 1 row
Increases: increase 1 stitch at each end of the row
Knit 1 row do this 4 times. You have added 8 stitches You should have 44 stitches
you will be knitting the cuff now
knit 42 rows
turn the tension up to 8 for 1 row ( that will make your lining turn over better)
Knit 42 rows decrease 1 stitch each end knit a row
do this 4 times (you should have decreased 8 stitches and have 36 stitches)
Now cast of 9 stitches on each side having 18 stitches left in the middle
Knit 20 rows short row down to 8 stitches and back out again for the toe
knit 20 rows
Short row down to 8 stitches and back out for the heel knit several rows of waste yarn and remove from the machine.
I sewed up the side seams of the foot first.This slipper has the seam of the cuff going up the back. You need to sew the back seam up match your heel stitches that you have on waste yarn to the edge of cuff (these are the stitches you bound off). sew them together Do your lining the same way. Put one foot inside the other and adjust as needed. I took a few running stitches invisibly on the inside heel seam just to hold together .
Crystal clear or clear as mud?
You can make changes such as have all live stitches instead of the crochet cast ons I used and kitchener stitch your boot. I can’t be bothered it looks fine.

Cast on 14 stitches in a contrasting color I chose a beige
Knit 20 rows
Short row down to 4 stitches and back out for the toe
Knit 20 rows
Short row down to 4 stitches and back out for the heel
Knit several rows of waste yarn remove from the machine
Sew the seam in the middle and sew the side seams.
I turned mine purl side out. I put the seam side of the sole to the sole side of the foot so the seamless side of the sole is on the outside.
Single crochet around the edge of the sole or if you don’t crochet sew the buttonhole stitch around.
I used bobby pins and pined my sole in place matching up the toe and heel
Single crochet to attach or buttonhole stitch again.
Make your boots non slip by applying puff paint or caulking
If they make Dr.Scholls inner soles in kid size that would be a nice addition or maybe cut an adult one to fit they are pretty inexspensive.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

here's a close up of the knit pattern

This is the bottom of the skirt. I have has no pilling problems

simply soft skirt

I have a close up of the lace pattern in my ISM album under Karen L
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simply soft skirt

I made this oh 5 years ago I have worn it 3 or 4 times its lined. It has a simple mock rib top with elastic through it. It does have a snag in the back which I can fix and it was done by one of my cats
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